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The Rolland Collection adventure

Our names are Dany and Michel Rolland, oenologist-farmers. We have put our passion and experience to work to add several French and foreign productions to our family heritage, bringing them all together in the "Rolland Collection".

Rolland Collection is a range of Bordeaux wines with 5 appellations from the right bank, where the Rolland family originated, in Pomerol. Added to this we have our favourites from "abroad", discovered when travelling for our work: the New World, with three wines from Argentina and two from South Africa, then Spain and after that, who knows what other wine or personal adventures lie ahead.

Everything is organised and harmonised within the family, from vinification to sales, from the vine to the wine.

Respect, sensitivity, culture, open-mindedness and passion are all family traits.

Welcome to our world of wine which is also a round the world trip, with stories about the family and discoveries, illustrated with photos just like an album!
We hope it will spark your curiosity, your desire to understand and taste and that it will lead you to share the same passion for wine, searching for quality and pleasure in many grape varieties and terroirs!

Dany and Michel Rolland


" If you want to know where you are going, don't forget where you came from... "